Underage DUI: The Extreme Case


underage DUI

Underage drinking is a crime that many states take seriously. However, underage drinking and driving is an even more serious offense. If you get an underage DUI charge, then the consequences could be severe. Learn about what happens when someone underage drinks, and why you should avoid it. Are Underage DUIs Common? Although it’s hard to find statistics on underage … Read More

Beware of American Drinking Culture

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American Drinking Culture

It seems like drinking culture has become a dominating force in more recent years. There is so much more of our lifestyles attached with drinking than there used to be. It seems more of a trend to meet for drinks, than coffee. Happy hours have become more popular. And if you mention that you don’t drink, the immediate retort is … Read More

What Powers Do Campus Police Have?

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campus police powers

To most college students, the sight of a campus police officer does not inspire the same fear as a police officer. Many students doubt the power of campus police. However, they may have more power than you think. Find out what the campus authorities can and can’t do. What authority does campus police actually have? Answering this question is not … Read More

Drinking Alcohol in the Winter: The History and Misconceptions


drinking alcohol

For centuries, the winter season has been a time for drinking. The tradition carries over to modern-day times. However, that can make the winter a particularly dangerous time of year. Find out everything that you should know about drinking alcohol in the winter. The truth might not be what you expect, The History of Drinking in the Winter For centuries, … Read More

Men Or Women: Drunk Driving Arrests

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men or women - drunk driving arrests

Men have a reputation for being bad drivers. However, women may be catching up to men when it comes to accidents relating to drinking and driving. Statistics show that, lately, women are the cause for more alcohol-involved deaths. Find out the truth behind drunk driving arrests. The Statistics Behind Drunk Driving Arrests It’s impossible to say for sure whether women … Read More

Drugged Driving: The Most Dangerous Problem on the Road?

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drugged driving

It’s common knowledge that drinking and driving is a major problem in the US. Too many fatalities occur every year at the hand of drunk drivers. However, many people don’t realize that drugged driving may be an even larger problem. While drunk driving is an issue, driving while on drugs may be worse. The Problem In 2015, there were more … Read More

Breathalyzer Refusal Cases: Know Your Rights

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breathalyzer refusal cases

Breathalyzer refusal cases aren’t unheard of, but they are rare. The fact that the police are asking you to submit a sample can be bad enough, whether you comply or refuse can have dire consequences regardless of your answer. So, what does it all mean and what are your rights? Breathalyzer Refusal Cases: Warrants Can the police force you to … Read More

Will A DUI Affect Your Education?

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dui affect

Having a DUI can be stressful enough. Now you have to think about how to move on with the rest of your life. You never stop to think about how these things can play out and what will be affected, but it can have a bigger effect than you think. Not only will you have to pay some hefty fines … Read More

Rhode Island is Cracking Down on BUIs

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If you think that boating and drinking go hand-in-hand, you may be in for a rude awakening. Although it’s always been illegal in Rhode Island to drive a boat while drinking alcohol, the police are taking the offense more seriously. Known as BUIs, boating under the influence could land you time in jail. Before you find yourself in troubled waters, … Read More