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When you are in Kent County a lot of people, flock to the beautiful city of Warwick for the great bars and restaurants. Gathering with friends does usually lead to one thing or another but most often deciding to try out a new craft beer or the bartenders specialty cocktail. But any Warwick DUI Lawyer will say you probably should not have had that last drink.

When you do leave the bar and hop in the car the thought probably goes through your head that you should have called a cab or an UBER but you are already in the car, and home is not that far away right? Wrong. When you start weaving down the road or roll through a stop sign, the police are going to pull you over, and when you do eventually get arrested, you are going to want to dial 401-200-6633.

Our Experienced Team

At the Law Office of Warwick DUI Lawyer The RI DUI Guy - Chad F Bank, we have seen nearly every scenario before. Whether you got pulled over for one thing or another and eventually got a DUI, you are going to be in hot water. Fortunately, our qualified team is ready to help you assist you in the process of fighting your DUI.

When you contact us, we are going to take your case apart step by step and look for the things we can use in court to assist you. Whether the detail we find is a mistake in police procedure or something in the paperwork, we will do our best to use it to get your case dismissed. If our Warwick DUI Lawyer cannot find a mistake, we will use our multiple years of trial experience to fight to get your sentence reduced so that you can get on with your life.

When it comes to DUI Defense, it is important that you do not leave anything to chance. If you are curious about whether your not a Warwick DUI Lawyer will benefit you in your case feel free to contact us for a free consultation. At our office, we are available at any time to assist you to help reduce the stress on you and your family. If you would like to contact us, feel free to call us 24/7 to discuss your case at 401-200-6633. Chad has been a top 3 rated RI DUI Lawyer for 5 straight years. That is why they call him "The RI DUI Guy".

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