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Smithfield DUI Lawyer

Smithfield has a quaint charm as it features a mix of suburban and rural life. It is close to major cities such as Providence and Boston but still has rural scenic beauty. However, sometimes there is trouble in paradise. Were you arrested for a DUI? The good news is there is help. Smithfield DUI Lawyer Chad F. Bank is one of Rhode Island’s best. He has spent over fifteen years helping Rhode Islanders with DUI Cases.

How can a DUI affect me?

A DUI conviction could have a major impact on your life. The penalties can be steep. You could spend time in jail. You could pay thousands of dollars in fines. You could also have your license suspended for months to even years. If you were involved in a DUI car crash, the stakes get even higher.

A DUI could also affect future employment. DUIs show up on background checks. This could eliminate you from getting certain jobs. It is always best to avoid DUI convictions. Smithfield DUI lawyer Chad Bank will help you fight DUI charges.

DUIs also affect your car insurance. After a DUI conviction, you can expect your rates to skyrocket. They can be 3 to 5 times higher than before. This is a huge cost. You defiantly want to keep your insurance rates down. Contact Smithfield DUI lawyer Chad Bank today.

What can a Smithfield DUI lawyer do for me?

A skilled Smithfield DUI attorney will carefully go through every case detail. Attorney Chad Bank will find any mistakes made by the police or the prosecution. Police mistakes can lead to evidence being thrown out. He will also look for evidence to have your chemical test results thrown out.

An experienced Smithfield DUI lawyer also has experience working within the local judicial system. This is important. Part of practicing law is examining written law and part of it is knowing how laws are enforced. Chad has over fifteen years’ experience. He knows how to approach Smithfield judges and prosecutors.

Free DUI Consultation

If you were arrested for a DUI, it is imperative you contact a Smithfield DUI lawyer. Attorney Chad F. Bank is available 24/7 for a free consultation at 401-229-5088. If its 3 am and you just got arrested, you can still give us a call. You should seek out legal counsel before speaking to the police. They will try to incriminate you. If you already spoke to police, call us right away. Let us defend your rights.

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