If you have been charged with a DUI, you are likely wondering is a DUI a felony? It is in some cases and is not in others. In order to put up the strongest defense possible, you will want to be partnered with a committed local attorney who can help you understand is a DUI a felony? Here is a quick overview:

Is a DUI a Felony? – Yes

Even though Rhode Island is eager to crack down on drunk driving, the state is not eager to brand people with the burden of a felony conviction unless it is absolutely necessary. In answer to the questions is a DUI a felony, typically only if you have two prior DUI convictions on your record and receive a third. However, if you are driving under the influence and involved in an accident or other incident, it could result in felony charges for other crimes. If you are charged with a DUI felony in Rhode Island, these will be the mandatory minimum penalties:

  • $400 fine
  • One year in jail
  • Two-year license suspension
  • Mandatory alcohol or drug treatment
  • Ignition interlock device in your car for two after sentence is complete

Is a DUI a Felony? – No

In most cases, if you receive your first or second DUI charge it is not classified as a felony. However, that does not mean it is easy to beat, or that the sentence is only a slap on the wrist. If you are convicted, you will have to pay significant fines and extra costs, possibly spend time behind bars, have your license suspended, and have a DUI on your record for the rest of your life. Even when the answer to the question is a DUI a felony is no, you need to do everything possible to fight for your best interests.

Is a DUI a Felony? No matter what the answer is in your case, you need to reach out to an experienced and dedicated DUI attorney sooner rather than later. Get a free consultation from Chad F. Bank Attorney at Law by calling 401-200-6633 anytime day or night.