If you’re a fan of professional football, you may have noticed that driving under the influence is a major problem. Many NFL players have had recent issues with drinking and driving and related charges. Here are 10 players that have been charged in the past two years:

1. Michael Floyd

Now a wide receiver for the Patriots, Michael Floyd encountered trouble in December 2016. Arizona police pulled over the former Cardinals player after he fell asleep at a traffic light. Shockingly, they determined that he had a .217 Blood Alcohol Content. Under Arizona law, that level is considered extreme. Floyd faced two counts of driving under the influence as well as one count of roadway obstruction.

Although the Cardinals dropped  Floyd for his behavior, the Patriots didn’t mind. In what was a controversial move, the Patriots signed him days after the incident.

2. Dak Prescott

Cowboy’s Rookie of the Year Dak Prescott had a rocky start to his NFL debut. Prior to the 2016 training camp, the fourth round draft pick was driving 41 mph in a 25 mph zone. Police charged him with drinking and driving, but the charges didn’t stick. Prescott was acquitted when the breathalyzer test was declared an “invalid sample” and a second was an “insufficient sample.”

3. Troy Hill

Los Angeles Rams cornerback Troy Hill was arrested in November 2016. He crashed his Mercedes into a semi-truck and witnesses saw him swerving in and out of lanes. They believed him to be drunk driving. When given a field sobriety test, Hill failed. Police arrested Hill and he was booked and released on $15,000 bail.

4. Alvin Bailey

An offensive lineman for the Browns, Alvin Bailey drove 50 mph in a 35 mph zone in September 2016. Police pulled him over and arrested him. He faced several charges, including driving under the influence and drug abuse. Bailey pleaded no contest and went into a mandatory short intervention program. As an added consequence, the NFL suspended him for three games.

5. Damontre Moore

Drinking and driving also affected Seattle Seahawks Damontre Moore.  He went 77 mph in a 60 mph zone. An officer pulled him over and smelled alcohol and marijuana.  With a BAC of .087, Moore was slightly over the legal limit. The charges haven’t been resolved yet.

6. Josh Huff

Formerly a Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver, Josh Huff influenced his career by his drinking and driving.  The Eagles released him from his contract in November 2016 after he was charged with a DUI and possession of a handgun. Police clocked Huff at 25-29 mph above the legal speed limit. In addition to facing several other charges, Huff had a $25,000 bail. And although he could no longer play for the Eagles, Huff went on to play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. As you’ll see with our next NFL DUI story, this isn’t new to them.

7. Austin Seferian-Jenkins

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers aren’t inexperienced in the world of driving under the influence. In September 2016, their tight end Seferian-Jenkins was speeding and driving erratically. Police clocked him at 80 mph in a 55 mph zone and they charged him with a DUI. He also faced another charge related to a prior arrest. As a result, Seferian-Jenkins has one year of probation and 50 hours of community service.

8. Jonathon Williams

A fifth-round draft pick, Jonathon Williams faced a driving under the influence charge in July 2016. A bystander saw the Buffalo Bills running back weaving in his lane and soon after called the police. When they pulled him over, police noted that Williams’ eyes were watery and his speech was slurred. They arrested him and charged him with a DUI. He did stay on with the Bills and played a few games last season.

9. TJ McDonald

TJ McDonald is a safety for the Los Angeles Rams. In May 2016, police caught him driving under the influence of drugs. Many people believe that the drugs were painkillers, but reports never confirmed the rumor. The incident arose when McDonald crashed his own vehicle into a parked car. Police charged him with one count of DUI and McDonald fought the charge and plead not guilty. A judge ordered him to attend AA meetings.

10. Shiloh Keo

Denver Broncos safety Shiloh Keo is a Super Bowl Champion. But that doesn’t mean he can escape a driving under the influence charge. When police caught him drinking and driving in February 2016, they arrested him.  A judge sentenced Keo to probation for one year and suspended his license for 180 days. The court ordered him to speak at eight high schools and to comply with NFL Substance Abuse regulations.

Driving Under the Influence Affects Everyone

Drinking and driving is more common than you think. Every day, we read about movie stars, athletes, and singers who face DUI charges. It’s a common charge that can have severe consequences. So remember, you’re not alone. If drunk driving charges are concerning you, you can get help. Call the Top RI DUI lawyer Chaf F Bank and get the help you need.