Having a DUI can be stressful enough. Now you have to think about how to move on with the rest of your life. You never stop to think about how these things can play out and what will be affected, but it can have a bigger effect than you think. Not only will you have to pay some hefty fines and put in community service, but you’ll also end up paying for it in the long run. Whether you are trying to save money on car insurance or apply for a new job, the actual DUI affect is something that can ripple through the rest of your life. And your education is no exception to that truth.

How Will A DUI Affect Your College Admission?

Like so many other applications, college admissions paperwork asks about past felonies and convictions. In some cases, it doesn’t matter if it is a felony. They may want to know the nature of any arrests, any charges or even misdemeanors that will show up during a background check. Should you be competing for an admission slot, this would put you at a disadvantage. Schools with a better reputation and higher standards will want the best candidates, and this may make them think twice about accepting you. Your competition for the admissions slot will also increase, and many of those applications will not have any DUI or passed charges on them. However, remember that omitting your DUI will also affect your application. You don’t want to lie on your paperwork; this would mean automatic dismissal. And whether you think you will be found out or not, you will. If it is later on in your education, you may have to pay fines or be held liable for any amounts of money received from scholarships.

Can a DUI Affect Your Scholarship?

Whether or not you can keep your scholarship will likely depend on its source. Private lenders can withdraw funds as they see fit. This can be especially true of anyone convicted of a crime or who is perceived as a liability. They won’t want to be associated with someone who isn’t deemed worthy of any grants or scholarships. Not when there will be plenty of people who are more deserving and in less trouble. There tend to be clauses in the endowments that will allow them to pass the finances to someone else. A DUI can be perceived as behavior that exhibits immaturity or lack of ambition. Neither is something that many people want associated with their programs.

If you lose your private funding or are unable to qualify, you can always apply with The Free Application for Federal Student Aid. FAFSA tends to be little more forgiving when it comes to convictions. The first sentence doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t receive tuition assistance. However, the second will be a felony, which will automatically disqualify you. You can find out more here. If you have any further questions, you’ll want to make an appointment with your counselor. They would be able to help you fill out the application and answer any questions regarding how your DUI affects your chances at tuition assistance. It is also a good idea to let your attorney know that you are filling out the paperwork and making an appointment with your counselor. If you are asked any question you don’t know the answer to; you’ll want to get a hold of them and ask. They might know better than you do, what you should say or what your circumstances are or aren’t.

Will A DUI Affect Your Education?

Community service might be a problem to fit into your schedule between classes. Even on the weekend, you will likely be busy with homework, projects, and papers. This can affect your grades and attendance in class. The last thing you want is to be consistently late or missing assignments. And quite a few of the businesses that will give you community service hours tend to operate during regular business hours and the week.

The best way to understand your options and the best way to plan for your future is to speak with your attorney. The will have a better understanding of what your case is looking like and where it will go. From there, they can tell you what the effect will look like and what you should be ready for. They will also be able to give you an idea of how you should answer certain questions on your applications. Whether it is a form of admissions or a scholarship, you don’t want to fill something out wrong and risk your future. Not when you can ask a simple question and get a simple answer. You can start your research here.