Are you choosing a college and feeling a bit lost? If you haven’t looked into Brown University yet, it’s worth a closer look. Here are five reasons you should attend the highly-ranked school.

1. Their Open Curriculum Opens More Doors for Students

Most colleges have core requirements, and students spend their first year (or two) of college meeting those requirements.  Instead of exploring possible majors and pursuing their interests, students take courses that are unrelated to their career choices. Sometimes, students don’t graduate on time because they can’t meet those core requirements.

But Brown University came up with a way to avoid that. They offer something called an Open Curriculum. It allows students to be in charge of their education and to choose their own classes. There are no core classes, and there are only a few requirements. You need to take 30 courses in eight semesters, have at least one concentration, and show excellence in written English. The learning process is more about intellectual growth and experimentation than it is meeting general rules.

Another great feature of the Open Curriculum is the option to take courses on a pass/fail basis. The school doesn’t give students GPAs, so you can take as many pass/fail courses as you’d like. By removing the emphasis on grades, the school gives students a chance to explore topics they might not have otherwise tried.

2. The People Are Exceptional

As you can see from the Open Curriculum, Brown University is not your typical college. And people who choose Brown are not your typical students. The student body is considered intellectual, curious, and creative. Almost half of the students were either valedictorian or salutatorian of their high schools. Many of the students were very involved in their schools.

Once in college, these students have the same interests. Although most students at Brown are there to learn as much as they can, they still value participating in on-campus events and activities. Visitors often comment on the friendly nature of the student body. A few years ago, the Princeton Review ranked Brown as the second happiest college in the US.

3. Diversity

College is about experiencing new things. You get a chance to meet people from different walks of life and get a new perspective. It’s part of the learning experience. So when you’re choosing a college, you should look at the diversity of the students.

Brown University is refreshingly diverse. Less than 10% of students are from the state of Rhode Island, and the rest come from all over the US. And if you want to learn about other cultures, there’s plenty of opportunity for that. The student body represents over 100 countries, and their ethnic diversity is above average, with about 40% of the students identifying as Caucasian and the rest representing everything including Hispanic, Asian, and African-American.

4. Good Campus Size

It can be hard for you to find the perfectly sized school. Very small schools usually have fewer course offerings and fewer student activities. In large schools, students can easily get lost in the shuffle. Sometimes, classes are too large for students to succeed and they get lost in the shuffle.

But Brown has a nice balance. Just over 9,000 students attend the school, with over 6,000 of those students studying in the undergraduate program. The school is large enough to have many activities and events

And the class sizes are exceptional. 71% of classes have 19 students or less. There are very few large classes on the campus, making it easy for you to seek help from professors.

5. No Shortage of Things to Do

College isn’t only about sitting in front of a professor or staring at a textbook. Student life is also about getting involved and trying new things. Brown University will give you that opportunity. There are over 300 student groups on campus. You can find a club for just about anything you can image.

If organized activities aren’t your thing, the school also hosts events on a weekly basis. They host lectures, concerts, and screenings- all of which students plan and organize.

The fun isn’t limited to on-campus. Providence is a city full of life, and there’s always something to do. Downtown Providence is with-in walking distance from campus and offers shopping, restaurants, and riverfront paths. The RISD Museum of Art is free to all Brown University students, so that’s a great option to experience some culture. On or off-campus, you can stay entertained.

Is Brown University a Party School?

Most people don’t think of Brown as a party school, but there is still an opportunity to attend drinking events. Students at Brown value their education but still like to have fun. There are off-campus parties, frat parties, and other activities. There is still a drinking culture on campus like most other schools even though it might not be obvious.

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