Fighting a DUI in Rhode Island can be a complicated process. While you have the ability to represent yourself, it isn’t an option you should exercise.

Legal Experience

Having an attorney on your side during the case is something you need. Regardless of how much you research and learn, you’ll never know the law and tactics like an attorney does. You’ll never have the experience of being in court and trying cases or standing before a judge when someone’s future is at stake. These are all things that an attorney has in their toolbox. But, the biggest asset is their understanding of the law. There are all kinds of complications that take years to comprehend. And even if you were to gain that knowledge, circumventing obstacles is something that attorneys learn with experience. Don’t take a chance with your future. Make sure that you have an attorney with experience fighting a DUI in Rhode Island.

Understanding of the Law

Laws can be different even in neighboring cities or states. Having someone who understands them is essential when you could be facing time in prison. Even if you aren’t, they can keep down fines or other consequences; just by understanding the law. A well-versed attorney can make the difference between a misdemeanor and felony charge. They can also negotiate a lighter sentence for you. They will be able to interpret the law, helping you understand what is going on during court proceedings. Translating the law is almost like speaking another language. While you might read it and think it means something, it tends to mean something else. There are plenty of examples of laws that stipulate something but also refer to a precedent or clarification. Those are things you’ll need to know.

Understanding the Court

Court procedures can be very confusing and it takes the experience to master. You don’t want to make a mistake that can cost you years of your life, or more. Speaking to the judge or prosecutor incorrectly can cost you the case. Whether it’s because you don’t understand the impact of what you’re saying or something you say comes across the wrong way, you don’t want to act as your own defense. Knowing how court proceedings work is something that comes with years of school and experience. You need to have someone that will stand and speak on your behalf. Otherwise, the prosecutor might take advantage of the fact that you are not an attorney or experienced in courts.

Your Plea

Having an attorney will secure advice on your plea. If your attorney thinks you’ll be convicted, they might want you to plea guilty. This will make it easier for them to bargain for a lesser charge or easier sentence. But, this isn’t a decision you want to make on your own. They will also know whether No Contest or Not Guilty is the best plea for you. There are quite a few distinctions and this isn’t something you want to make a mistake with. It is very important to your case and a big decision to make.

Fighting a DUI in Rhode Island

Having an attorney with experience fighting a DUI in Rhode Island is essential. They understand the laws involved and know how to defend you against them. They also know what the process is going to be like, so they can prepare a case that will withstand it. But, most importantly; they have the ability to see how things are going to play out. Whether it’s a tactic that the prosecutor is using or the sequence of the trial, they have seen it before and can see the path ahead. This leaves you with all of the available options of that path and alternate routes you might pursue. These are all things you wouldn’t know and information you wouldn’t have access to.

Just remember that while you have the ability to represent yourself, that doesn’t mean it is something you want to exercise. You want a professional to put together and present the best possible case for you. You’ll want someone with lots of experience and strategies. Rhode Island courts can be tricky to present a case in and this isn’t the time for you to try your hand at law. It may seem easy enough on television, but it rarely looks like it does in the shows. Fighting a DUI is a long and complex process. Taking a chance with your life is not a good idea, and if you represent yourself, that is what you are doing.

Fighting a DUI in Rhode Island is a very serious task. If you aren’t sure where to start,calling RI DUI Lawyer Chad Bank is a good start. Cakll 401-200-6633 for a free consultation. You can research the laws and processes on your own, while you wait to speak with us. Here is more information you can read, as well.