Rhode Island DUI Penalties

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) in Rhode Island is defined by the state as:

§ 31-27-2 Driving under the influence of liquor or drugs. [Effective until January 1, 2015.]. – (a) Whoever drives or otherwise operates any vehicle in the state while under the influence of any intoxicating liquor, drugs, toluene, or any controlled substance as defined in chapter 28 of title 21, or any combination of these, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor except as provided in subdivision (d)(3) and shall be punished as provided in subsection (d) of this section.

Rhode Island DUI penalties depend on a number of factors such as age of the driver, number of previous offenses and blood alcohol content (BAC) percentage.

Rhode Island DUI penalties based on offense

Rhode Island multiple offenders are suspect to a Lookback Period of 5 years. This means that the five years prior to a DUI conviction will be looked back upon and relevant for sentencing.

1st Time Offenders: First time DUI offenders in Rhode Island face up to 1 year of jail time and fines from $100-$500. Additionally, they’re license may be suspended anywhere from 2 to 18 months.

2nd Time Offenders: Second time DUI offenders face a minimum of 10 days in jail with a maximum of 1 year. Fines increase to a minimum of $400 and a maximum of $1000 and a license suspension of 1-2 years. Additionally, an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) is required to be installed in their car for a set period of time.

3rd Time Offenders: Third time DUI offenders face even harsher penalties with anywhere from 1-5 years in jail. Fees are increased to $5,000, and they’re license will be suspended for a minimum of 2 years, as well as an IDD installed in their car for a lengthy period of time.

Rhode Island DUI penalties based on age

Age plays a role in Rhode Island DUI convictions when set against your BAC level.

Under 21: Persons under the age of 21 with a BAC over .02% but under .1% can be convicted of a DWI, or driving while impaired. They are subject to their license being suspended for 1-3 months for first-time offenders plus fines and community service. Additionally, their license can be suspended until age 21.

21+: .08%

Commercial drivers: .04%

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