Who Should You Choose?

The morning after you wake up from getting a DUI is always a long one. You usually wake up in a jail cell whether you blew or not, and there is lots going on in your head. It seems like before you know it your getting a flurry of junk mail from DUI attorneys and people all telling you horror stories about attorneys they hired that didn’t get them results. So when you hire a Rhode Island DUI Lawyer do you know what to look for?

What To Look For In A Rhode Island DUI Lawyer

When you are looking for a Rhode Island DUI Lawyer it seems like lawyers come out of the woodwork. There are a lot of things to take into consideration; this article will act as a guide to picking out what you should be wary of when you select a RI DUI Lawyer. The first thing to remember is that your best course of action is to find a lawyer who specializes in DUI defense, DWI defense, and BUI defense. Lawyers in Rhode Island are all general practice lawyers, but you should choose someone who focuses on the type of defense you need instead of a divorce lawyer. The next thing to take into account is the contract you write up with your RI DUI Lawyer. You want an attorney who is going to work with you from start to finish not someone who is going to desert you as soon as you walk out of the courtroom. In most RI DUI cases, you are still going to need to fill out paperwork and possibly petition for a hardship license. The next thing you want to keep in mind is that you should be hiring a RI DUI Lawyer who gets results. Just because an attorney has had a law office for 75 years doesn’t mean that they are good. Be sure to ask for client testimonials and case results when you first meet with your attorney. A tactic that many firms will use is that they will attempt to get you hooked by having you talk to a big name attorney at their firm when, in fact, a less experienced attorney will be representing you. Again it is important to be cautious when you get into agreement with a RI DUI Lawyer, make sure that the lawyer you speak with is the lawyer who is going to represent you.

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