Choosing the right Rhode Island DUI Lawyer

Choosing who to represent you in a Rhode Island DUI case is a tough and crucial decision. It’s a decision that shouldn’t be based on advertising alone.

How To Find The Right DUI Lawyer

There are several factors to consider and questions to ask when looking for a Rhode Island DUI lawyer. It’s not enough to simply hire the first lawyer you see on a roadside billboard. Take the time to do you research and interview with several law firms before making your decision. Watch out for these common dangers when choosing a DUI lawyer.

Rip-off report

The old bait-and-switch tactic is used by more than corrupt salesmen, less than honorable lawyers also use this strategy to secure extra cash. This can come in a couple different ways. A lawyer may quote high and promise a strong defense only to tap out with a guilty plea. On the opposite end, they may quote low and ask for more money along the way. Avoid this swindle by securing and signing an agreement to understand everything your fee is and is not buying you.

Hidden costs

This goes hand in hand with your fee agreement. Knowing what your fee does and doesn’t cover will help you understand your fee. Some costs to consider include:

  • Travel time
  • Reproduction costs
  • Printing costs
  • Appearance fees
  • Postponement terms and conditions

No case assessment

For your Rhode Island DUI lawyer to best know how to defend you, he or she will ask for a case assessment. A case assessment is necessary to understand the events and charges leading to your conviction. All options will be explored to give you a better scope of your defense strategy as well as if fighting the charges is even your best option.

No communication

Avoid lawyers who suddenly go dark. You want a lawyer who will return communication promptly, and any respectful lawyer will understand this. Look for a lawyer who answers initial questions timely and honestly without fluff or beating around the bush. You want a DUI lawyer who will explain every aspect of your case in a way you understand so you know what’s happening and why. Rhode Island DUI Attorney Chad Bank is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Missing defense strategy

A good DUI lawyer will explore all options in your defense, including those that might lie just outside the box. They will look for legal challenges to the prosecution and make sure you are well educated in all possible options. Beware of a lawyer who takes the easy way out of your case at the expense of your conviction and sentencing.

Ultimately, if you have a bad feeling about a certain lawyer, it’s always best to trust your instinct and continue your search. Rhode Island DUI Lawyer Chad Bank has represented hundreds of clients in their cases and successfully been able to significantly lower fees and penalties or had them removed completely. Call Attorney Chad Bank at 401-200-6633 and schedule an appointment to discuss your case today.