Minor in Possession of Alcohol Defense

Americans under the age of 21 are not allowed to possess alcohol. In Rhode Island minors also can’t purchase or consume alcohol.   Fake IDs and DUIs will further complicate legal issues. Are you a minor that was caught with alcohol? Is your child facing minor in possession of alcohol charges? The Law Offices of Chad F. Bank can help. Chad has over ten years’ experience helping Rhode Island defendants. We all made mistakes during our youth. Don’t let your child’s mistake ruin his life.

Rhode Island Law

If a minor in possession of alcohol is arrested by police, he faces criminal charges. These charges may include fines and a license suspension. If the minor shared their alcohol with underage friends, the consequences are harsher. What if a fake ID was used to purchase alcohol? This could add to fines, license suspension time and even add community service to the penalties.

What if the minor was driving after the consumption of alcohol? Minors charged with DUI only need a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .02 or higher. If a DUI is added to minor in possession of alcohol charges, contact an attorney immediately. DUI charges carry stiff penalization. You could have your license suspended for years, pay hundreds or thousands in fines and fees and even go to jail.


Experienced attorneys know how charges can be reduced or dropped. In order to know the best defense for your case, you will have to schedule a consultation. Our office offers free initial consultations, making it easy to get the information you need.   There are some common defense strategies.

A minor in possession of alcohol is not always breaking the law. Rhode Island understands there might be a legitimate explanation. If you gave it to your child, they can legally consume it. Minors can possess and consume alcohol for religious reasons. Underage persons may also possess alcohol when transporting it for a parent or for work. If we can prove your minor in possession of alcohol falls into one of these categories, he could have all charges dropped.

There are also often mistakes made during the arrest and processing of minors. Attorney Chad Bank will carefully examine the minor’s case. Any mistakes will be found. Any evidence proved unlawful will not be used in court. This is a powerful method in getting charges reduced or dropped.

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