New DUI Penalties On The Horizon

DUI Penalties
Rhode Island could be facing much more severe DUI penalties in the coming months. With new legislation on the horizon, advocates are demanding change for what some call the weakest DUI Laws in New England. Of course, this could be good news for the state but if you make a simple mistake by drinking and driving you be facing much more jail time than ever. It is important though that we continue to watch this story develop and if you are arrested that you contact an RI DUI Lawyer immediately for a free consultation.

At this point the DUI Penalties if you are arrested for driving under the influence and you cause someone serious injury you could face ten years in jail. If you are found to be drinking and driving and you are responsible for someone’s death, you can face up to 15 years in jail.

The bill is backed by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and Attorney General Peter Kilmartin who believe that if this legislation passes that the amount of jail time you should face if convicted of drinking and driving should be doubled. According to a representative from MADD driving under the influence is one hundred percent preventable and the penalties or punishments should fit the crime.

According to a local newspaper, there are 2,600 people who are arrested for breathalyzer refusal, DUI, and other DUI penalties every year in Rhode Island. MADD is, of course, continuing to suggest that people should stand up to drunk driving and speak up in their community.

Arrested? Call The RI DUI Guy – Chad F. Bank

So what do you think? Do the DUI penalties fit the crime? All this writer knows is that time will ultimately tell if this legislation will pass and if it will truly make a difference in the future. The fact remains that the crime of drinking and driving is taken very seriously in Rhode Island and if you are caught you are going to need professional, efficient representation in your case. If you or a loved one is looking for an RI DUI Lawyer, you should contact The Law Office of Chad F. Bank the RI DUI Guy to handle your case at 401-200-6633.