DUI in Rhode Island Image Anyone who’s charged with a DUI in Rhode Island needs to know that the steps they take immediately following the occurrence are crucial. Doing the wrong things can make an effective defense a lot harder to pursue. But doing the right things can protect you from the manipulations of the police. Here is what you should always do following a DUI in Rhode Island:

Record Your Version of the Events

As soon as you possibly can, write down everything you remember about the period before, during, and after being pulled over for your DUI. No detail is irrelevant, and the sooner you start recording things the fresher they will be in your memory. Later, when you have a RI DUI Lawyer working for you, a version of events separate from the police report can help you establish your innocence.

Set Your Profile to Private

Just like most cities in the US, when getting a DUI in Rhode Island, the statements you made on social media before and after you got behind the wheel can come back to hurt you in court. The best strategy is to set all your profiles to private so that the police and prosecutors can’t hold comments you made or pictures you took against you.

Find a Witness

If it is only up to you and the police to provide an accounting of the events around a DUI in Rhode Island, you are at a severe disadvantage. Try to find a witness who saw you soon before or after the arrest. The more witnesses you have, the better. Having more testimony to support your version of the events can mean the difference between an innocent and guilty verdict.

Hire a Great Rhode Island DUI Lawyer

There are two things you should never do – automatically plead guilty, or choose to represent yourself. After being arrested for a DUI, contact your Rhode Island attorney immediately. No matter what, you have the right to contact your lawyer. And the only way to avoid jail time, stiff penalties, a suspended license, and a ruined reputation is to work with a qualified Rhode Island DUI attorney.

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