Rhode Island DUI Attorney

DUI Arrests The Rhode Island State Police have released a statement discussing a particularly odd DUI arrest this past weekend. The report states that the police arrested a Warwick man for not only DUI, but also refusing to submit to a breathalyzer, and possession of a controlled substance which in this case was illegal mushrooms. The report does not state what kind of mushrooms but we have reason to believe that he was not going to be making risotto when he got where he was going. The young man who was only 18 was arraigned and released to a responsible adult.

To add insult to injury in this case the gentleman in question was reported to be erratically driving by another police officer who was at a traffic stop. Our hope is that the gentleman in question addresses his DUI Arrests and contact a Rhode Island DUI Attorney.

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Dealing With DUI Arrests

If you or a loved on is facing DUI arrests are you prepared? If you are not prepared you could be facing a multitude of charges including jail time and fees. You could also be forced to install an ignition interlock device, not to mention the stress you will be putting on your loved ones, friends, and employer.

DUI Arrests If You Are Under 21

If you are under the age of 21 and have been arrested for a DUI the penalties can be quite severe. The law states that if you are under 21 and your BAC is 0.02 or higher you can be arrested for DUI. For those arrested you will face up to a $500 fine, license suspension, and community service. The penalties for second offenders only increase from there.

Rhode Island Attorney For DUI Arrests

If you have been arrested for a DUI no matter you age it is important that you contact an attorney to discuss your case. When it comes to a DUI arrest it is important that you choose carefully since you are going to be counting on them to help you save your future. If you would like to contact our office for a free consultation at 401-200-6633.