When it comes to deciphering the law, verdicts often get caught up in the logistics of terminology. For example, can you get a DUI On A Golf Cart? After all, a golf cart is not a car and is not typically operated on the open road. However, it still is classified as a motor vehicle. So what’s the deal? Is it ok for me to drink and golf or should I golf sober? You’ll find the answer lies more in the skill of your DUI attorney than in
what’s technically correct.

Can You Get A DUI On A Golf Cart?

In the state of Rhode Island, an individual only needs to be intoxicated while operating some mode of transportation to be convicted of DUI penalties. Meaning under The State of Rhode Island General Laws statute § 31-27-2 gold carts and even bicycles count as a form of transportation. One could argue a golf cart doesn’t count as a DUI since its battery operated, but as cars are becoming battery operated as well, it’s a tougher approach to uphold.

One may take the approach that a golf cart is not operated on the road, but rather on a golf course. This too poses a problem as there are communities that prohibit cars for golf carts instead. In these cases, there is typically no exemption.

Golf Cart DUI Cases

In Florida, a woman was arrested in a private community where golf carts are used in place of cars. Stefanie Erin Krieg failed to stop at a stop sign. The deputy arrested her on charge of driving under the influence as well as failure to yield at a traffic sign. Her bond was set to $2,000.

In a more obvious case, a man in Pennsylvania was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving after he was seen driving a golf cart from bar to bar. When questioned, the man refused to stop for the officer and proceeded to ram a squad car.

In golf cart DUI cases, as well as all DUI cases, the verdict of your sentence is determined by the evidence stacked against you and the skill of your DUI attorney. For the best in Rhode Island DUI representation call the RI DUI Guy. With over 10 years of experience in Rhode Island DUI defense you are guaranteed a strategy bested by none. If T-time ever leads to a round in the slammer, call Rhode Island DUI Attorney Chad Bank at 401-573-2265.