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When many people think about DUI, they may think of someone flying down the interstate swerving and being a danger to traffic. But in Rhode Island like a lot of other states to be arrested for DUI you do not need to go any farther than starting your car. As RI DUI Lawyers we often hear stories from friends about people getting a DUI on the highway, in shopping districts, etc. In a recent news story, we heard something that we found to be very ironic. According to Patch media in East Greenwich, Rhode Island someone was arrested for a DUI in a liquor store parking lot.

The Story

DUI In A Parking Lot According to the article around 6:30 p.m. the police were alerted to an erratic driver who jumped the curb in his vehicle and had crashed into Thorpe’s Liquor. (If this happens to you, we recommend calling an RI DUI Attorney to discuss your options.) Fortunately for Thorpe’s the vehicle did not do much damage. When the police approached the alleged driver, he said he was merely there to buy a few beers and when asked if he had been drinking he reported that he had had a few but would not say how many. The driver stated that he did not hit anything we the police could have believed if there was not eye witnesses and damage to the front of the drivers car and parts strewn over the ground in front of the vehicle.

Do Not Be A Victim

The article brings up an important point that we are going to take into consideration. When it comes to DUI, it is important to remember that if you have the ability to operate the car you can be arrested for DUI. If you decide to sleep off the alcohol in your vehicle but have the keys in the ignition you “could” operate the vehicle and be arrested. The most important thing to keep in mind is that if you are too drunk to drive not only should you not but if you need to get somewhere to call a cab. If you put yourself in a position to be arrested you likely will be and have to face the consequences.

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