American Institute of DUI Attorneys
Top 10 Best Award Winner

Starting in 2014 the American Institute of DUI Attorneys had a wild idea. They wanted to recognize many different types of attorneys who were outstanding in their fields and were leading the charge in their practice areas. By doing this they created one of the top impartial third party attorney rating organizations that has been constantly recognizing top lawyers by state. With very particular criteria the American Institute of DUI attorneys selects attorneys who are at the top of their fields. At the Law Office of Chad Bank “The RI DUI Guy” we are proud to have been selected in the top 10 best DUI attorneys in Rhode Island.

Top Rated Leaders In Their Fields

American Institute of DUI AttorneysWhen it comes to most attorneys success is easily gained but unfortunately it frequently comes at the expense of the client. When the American Institute of DUI Attorneys selection process an attorney can only be selected if they have 100% client satisfaction. Attorneys who are selected must also be an industry leader in their field which means they are constantly pushing the limit of what it means to be a DUI attorney. On top of the requirements of 100% client satisfaction an attorney must also have won numerous awards, be a member of many associations, and be in many publications. An attorney must also be involved in speaking engagements, and also be dedicated to continuing their education in their field.

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The fact is if you or a loved one has been arrested for a DUI it is important that you contact an attorney to defend you in your case. At the Law Office of Chad F. Bank we are proud to have been selected by the American Institute OF DUI Attorneys as an attorney who will be best suited to represent you in your case. We are dedicated to helping our clients from start to finish in their cases. Whether you have been arrested for the first time or you are facing a third DUI you can count on us for top level representation. If you would like to discuss your case with the one of the American Institute of DUI Attorneys top 10 best Rhode Island DUI Attorneys contact us today at 401-229-5088 for a free consultation.